The songs

Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa
by Alexander L’Estrange

1 Njooni! Zimbe!
Come, sing the songs of Africa!
Swahili text/original music

2 Singabahambayo thina
We are the ones going through this world,
to our home in heaven
Xhosa text/Methodist sacred song

3 Sansa kroma
To Sansa, the hawk
Akan playground song from Ghana

4 Pete, pete!
Vulture, vulture!
Akan children’s song from Ghana
celebrating food and family

5 Thula Mama, thula
Hush Mama
Xhosa lullaby for mothers
of imprisoned sons

6 Ilanga libuya, ilanga liyaphuma
The sun sets …  the sun rises
Xhosa text/original music

7 Wai bamba!
You’ve got him/her!
Shona wedding song from Zimbabwe

8 Hamba Lulu
Go Lulu!
Zulu wedding song

9 Vamudara/Njooni! Zimbe!
A drunken man dances himself to death
Shona drinking song from Zimbabwe/Swahili text
original music

10 Aleluya/Thuma mina
Send me, Lord; lead me, Lord
Traditional South African/Zulu funeral song
Soprano solo Joanna Forbes L’Estrange

11 We shall not give up the fight
Together we’ll have victory,
hand holding hand
Traditional South African song

12 Siyahamba
We are marching in the light of God
Zulu worship song from South Africa

13 Freedom is coming/Hamba vangeli
Spread the new word!
Traditional South African song/
Zulu worship song

14 Njooni! Zimbe!
Come, sing the songs of Africa!
Swahili text/original music

15 Song for the Soul
Sesotho text/original music
written, sung & recorded by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange & Alexander L’Estrange

For more about Song for the Soulclick here

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